Dixie Invitational Bowling Tournament

Atlanta, Georgia

April 19 - April 21, 2019

Dixie is near capacity and we have removed the Registration Link.  We are currently matching up single,  double, and partial team registrants to determine how many more entries we need.  We are also building a waitlist in case of cancellations.  


If you would like to be contacted for any potential open slot please click on the email link below (or email SECRETARY@DIXIEBOWL.ORG) and provide ALL of the following information.


1.  Name, email address, and phone contact

2.  Whether you are interested as an individual, a doubles pair or a team (this is important as it will help us understand if you HAVE to bowl together or can be split up)

3.  If you are part of a doubles pair or team, the names, emails, and phone numbers of the other individuals


Priority will be based on the email date and time in the Secretary email inbox.  Other mechanisms (Facebook, texting, other email addresses) will not apply.

Waitlist E-Mail



Email Registration

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